Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cameron 'touched' by McCann madness !

Yesterday evening, a tweet read #Mccann McCann McCann.....while you concentrate on McCann, Cameron is burying you and your country. The reason I have so many blogs is to try and keep my finger on the pulse as to what Cameron is up to since he came to power including other items of interest.

Corruption in the MET is rife with MET/Hackgate, Cameron and Murdoch both deeply involved. The MET also deeply involved with the mystery surrounding not only Smiley Cultures death while in police custody but many others.

Jody McIntyre asks has the MET gone mad ? he writes...

'Of course, I never expected to receive any kind of rigour or openness from an investigation which consisted of the Metropolitan Police, whom I consider to be one of the most corrupt and inept institutions in the country, investigating themselves, but their report on my case was even poorer than I could have imagined.' more

Britain is on it's knees in debt and yet Cameron has handed out to Pakistan 650 million pounds and an apology for the harm we Brits have caused them in the past ! 

Yesterday Mr Cameron signed a deal at the G8 summit in Deauville in France to hand £110million of taxpayers’ cash to Egypt and Tunisia over four years.Cameron has also called for an end to the FIFA farce claiming 'it has become rather murky'

Speaking of murky farces, Cameron well aware that any forensic report's backing up the cadaver dogs findings in the McCann case have been destroyed. The McCanns therefore are not concerned with any review's of the case because the fact remains, as McCann likes to point out, without evidence nothing can be proven and their is no evidence to link them to Madeleines death, there was, but not now.

So, what was Camerons game in this PR stunt of pretending to be taking another look at the case, something happened that surprised him , not only him but many others and some even asked was it a set up.

Dominique Strauss-Khan, it has been suggested was set up, Khan a known womaniser predicted 'if they want to get me ' whoever they are, he did not say, 'they will set me up and accuse me of raping a woman in a hotel suite' and sure enough this has come to pass. Now, this may have concerned Cameron enough to pull out his ace card, the knowledge he had on the McCann case and the fact Brown gave the order to destroy ALL forensic evidence... a warning to Brown to back off or he will be exposed !

We are now back to the IMF... the job Cameron insists Brown will not get. 

Gordon Brown
Brown is recognised by many around the world for having played the major role in staving off another depression in 2008-2009. Photograph: Murdo Macleod

IF a complot was put in place to help Brown become head of IMF, the timing with the launching of the McCanns book was purely accidental but Cameron had to make a move to stop Brown.

If there was any truth in Cameron wanting to get to the bottom of Madeleines death two things would have happened. 1) The fund would have been frozen as the case is once more in police hands, the McCanns no longer require public donations and 2) An invitation to Portugal would have been sent asking for permission to investigate. Neither of which has happened.