Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kate McCanns deep hatred for Gonçalo Amaral

Kate wrote..'.As 2008 drew to a close, Gonçalo Amaral was still parading his unsavoury theories around Portugal and beyond.'

'By the autumn it had become clear that he was not going to go away. We were beginning to realize that the harm being done to our search for Madeleine, especially in Portugal, was outweighing our reluctance to be distracted from it.'

Kate claims they needed to put a stop to this serious damage. They had already spoken to their legal team on several occasions about taking action and knew that the only way of assessing their chances of success would be to seek advice from a Portuguese libel lawyer.

Kate does not mention in her book the chilling words from Profiler Lee Rainbow that her husband should be investigated as we may be looking at a homicide... I do have the feeling though if Gon
çalo Amaral had used this phrase Kate would be screaming it from the rooftops

Kate claims they had first spoken by phone to Isabel Duarte on Nov.28th ' She was very understanding and sounded nice'. By this point they felt as though they had been condemned by an entire country.

'Six weeks later, Gerry went to Lisbon to meet her.'

Although they were still resisting the temptation to sue, her parting shot left a lasting impression on Gerry. ‘Don’t forget! That man said you buried your daughter on the beach!’

'On Monday, 7 April 2009, we discovered that a pro-Amaral article had appeared in Público, one of the most respectable newspapers in Portugal. Since it had, in the main, steered clear of the Madeleine ‘story’ and was well regarded by the country’s opinion-formers, this was a worrying development.' 

Worrying, Pro-Amaral ? steered clear of the Madeleine 'story' ????'this was a worrying development'......  I am sure that it was , Amaral is credible and the McCanns most definately are not.

'By coincidence, that weekend Gerry and a couple of our holiday friends had been in Praia da Luz, where significant events and sightings potentially related to Madeleine’s disappearance were being reconstructed, using actors, and filmed for a Channel 4 documentary we were working on (at last – a re-enactment people would see).' 

Sightings ! when asked the McCanns could not remember a single sighting of importance . 

'Amaral’s documentary was the last straw. On 20 April we took the decision with Isabel Duarte to sue him.''For his next trick, Amaral produced a ‘documentary’ based on his book, which was screened in Portugal on 13 April. A friend in Luz who phoned to tell us about it the next day was very upset, describing it as ‘awful’.'

Kate wrote ' I stayed at home with Sean and Amelie – there was no need for me to put myself through this. I desperately wanted to return to the village when the time was right, but we did not feel we could go there as a couple until we could do so safely and quietly, without our visit turniheckled’ in Praia da Luz. '

'I’ve always been considered quite a gentle person but these attacks stirred up terrible emotions in me'

 (smashing and breaking furniture in apartment 5a ! not to mention her vulgar language).

'It was as if my whole body was trying to scream but a tightly screwed-on lid was preventing the scream from escaping. Instead I was just howling internally. My punch bag certainly came in handy at times.' (more violence)