Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gerry McCann wanted sets of keys to search local properties that were empty !!

Stephen Carpenter asked Robert Murat if he would come and help as Murat spoke Portuguese, Murat agreed.

Stephen Carpenter said Gerry wanted keys to search  local properties in the area that were empty.

Stephen Carpenter:  and he asked that all the Mark Warner rooms be opened so that he could check them and asked the cleaning ladies etc. to help open all the empty apartments that were not necessarily in the Mark Warner complex, but for which they might have the keys.

At this moment I also met an English man called Dave who lived in the area and helped the Ocean Club to authorise entry into all the apartments possible, some of the apartments in Gerry's block belonged to local owners and Dave helped to get the keys to these apartments so that they could check them and search them, they checked them all in a general manner.

From Kates diary:

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20: There is still no sign of Madeleine. I didn't feel like it so I decided not to go running.

Went to pick up Gerry from the airport. It was so good to see him. Just before we reached the apartment we saw a man lying in the middle of the street, so we stopped the car and got out. It was no surprise to see that he was drunk (we've all been there!) but he recognised Gerry and me immediately. Gerry walked him round to his apartment.
THE KEY: Madeleine WAS in a nice house !