Sunday, March 18, 2012

#McCann: Controlling KILLER #Gilroy Receives A Visit From His Wife.

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CONTROLLING killer David Gilroy’s wife Andrea visited him behind bars for the first time yesterday after he was jailed for killing his secret mistress Suzanne Pilley.

Gilroy, 49, has spent three nights in Edinburgh’s Saughton jail since being convicted of murdering Suzanne, 38 – whose body has never been found.

And yesterday, the calculating killer was visited by the 42-year-old wife who has stood by him.

Looking gaunt, Andrea spent an hour with the husband she refused to testify against despite him being accused of beating her.

Another visitor at the prison said: “She looked like a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. It is hard to understand.

“You just wonder how Gilroy treated her all these year that she will still stand by him now.”
Nurse Andrea – the strain clear on her face – was accompanied by her teenage son and daughter.

She joined other inmates’ relatives for the Saturday afternoon visiting session for remand and unsentenced prisoners, which ended shortly before 3pm.

Wearing frayed blue jeans, a mid-length white jacket, orange top, long black scarf and brown boots, she was driven away from prison the short distance to the family home in the city’s Silverknowes.

She said nothing when asked for a comment about her husband.

A relative said: “Please respect her privacy. We will release something later.”

As the blue Rover was driven away, Andrea sat in the back with her children.

david gilroy with wife andrea 
When Gilroy is sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh next month, he is expected to be given a minimum of 20 years behind bars.

Prosecutors have said there will be no deal offered to the ex-Royal Navy engineer.

They ruled out a reduced sentence if he reveals where the body of his victim is hidden.

Gilroy cheated on his long-suffering wife with colleague Suzanne – but killed the pretty bookkeeper when she ended their affair.

He was found guilty of murder despite Suzanne’s body never being found. CCTV from May 4, 2010, showed her making her daily bus trip from her flat in Edinburgh’s Whitson Road to Infrastructure Managers Ltd in Thistle Street.

The last footage was of her outside the building.

She never arrived at her desk that day and hasn’t been seen since. The jury decided that Gilroy lured her into the underground car park where he killed her.

Shaken and sweating, he made an excuse, went home for his car and put Suzanne’s body in it.

The following day, he drove the silver Vauxhall Vectra to Argyll – where he took a call from detectives looking for Suzanne.

He arrived back in Edinburgh that night and admitted the affair to the police. He said Andrea knew about it but insisted that the relationship was over.

Sergeant Paul Grainger spotted scratches on Gilroy’s hand and when he came in to have them photographed the next day, he had covered the cuts with make-up.

From that moment, he was prime suspect in his colleague’s murder – but he continued to act like a normal, hard-working family man.Finally, justice caught up with him and he was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh on Thursday.

Gilroy was also charged with a sickening assault on his wife at their home between January 1, 2009, and May 18, 2010.

He allegedly threatened Andrea with violence, struck her on the head and body with his hand, threatened to kill her, brandished a knife at her and struck her with a frying pan.

The charges were dropped last month when she dramatically refused to take the stand.

She was told by Alex Prentice QC: “You are being cited here as a witness by the prosecution.

“You may, if you wish, give evidence or, as the wife of the accused, you have the right to decline to give evidence. Do you wish to give evidence?” She replied “no” and was allowed to leave.

That left her free to attend court each day – the loyal wife supporting her husband.

During the trial, she sat and listened as prosecutors laid bare details of Gilroy’s infidelity and murder.

She heard that he had sent more than 400 text messages to divorcee Suzanne in an effort to save his relationship with her – and all the time Andrea had thought he was trying to save their marriage.

Andrea herself came under pressure from police as they investigated her husband for murder.

She was charged in June 2010 with attempting to pervert the course of justice but the case was eventually dropped.