Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#McCann: HOAX Abduction - Cadaver Hit - Mother Found Guilty Of Second Degree Murder!

Shakara Dickens with attorneys

Memphis, Tn - After hours of deliberating, a jury has found Shakara Dickens guilty of Manslaughter and Second Degree Murder.
Nine-month-old Lauryn Dickens, the daughter of Shakara Dickens, vanished in 2010, but her body was never found.
Prosecutors argued that Dickens spun a web of lies after her daughter disappeared, waiting a full eight days to file a missing persons report.
Dickens' told police that a white woman in her 40s had come to pick up Lauryn at the father's behest. Shakara couldn't go any further in describing the woman and Lauryn's father denied the claim as well.
The main piece of evidence for the prosecution was a "hit" that police dogs picked up on when searching Dickens' apartment. Though the dogs caught a scent, they did not find any physical evidence.

Congratulations to the prosecutors in this case for getting a guilty verdict and for pressing on with a trial without a victim's body - this especially unusual in an infant hoax abduction case. Let's hope that other similar cases (i.e. Baby Lisa, Sky Metalwala, and others) will be jump-started by the results of this case.