Thursday, March 29, 2012

#McCann: #Twitter - Jailings For Racism On Twitter ! Britain Has Forgotten The Fight For Free Speech.

Libel cases for a tweet, jail time for tweeting a racist comment. Tony Bennett's libel case against him gift wrapped by the McCanns also includes a tweet .  When or rather where will it all end ?...Link to  article on free speech something we no longer have . The McCanns assisted by Carter Ruck have abused the drachonian libel laws to the hilt in a country that is run by corrupt millionaires or as Murdoch called them this morning 'Toffs'

To think a program like Till Death Us Do Part would no longer be broadcast even when it is the Asian who is racist - We have gone back instead of forward where criminals with the right 'contacts' walk the streets and create fraudulent funds to con the gullible !