Sunday, March 11, 2012

#McCann : Yéremi Vargas A Genuine Missing Child.

The Guardia Civil has provided new data with the co-operation of it's citizens seeking to locate Yéremi Vargas.

With the fifth anniversary of the child's disappearance, new data of two vehicles that were seen in the area has emerged.

Useful information for research:

Coinciding in time with the fact of the disappearance - between 13:30 h and 13:50 h. -

Several vehicles to date have not been identified...owners and users have not come forward and this would be useful to eliminate them from police enquiries.

Therfore anyone who remembers seeing the following vehicles on the day of Yerem's disappearance your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

A. - Opel Corsa, Type B, white (rounded).

2. - Renault Clio, black, possibly with tinted windows ypegatina white daisy in the back.

Yéremi disappeared on March 10th 2007 (Saturday), between 13:30 and 13:50 hours in the plaza located between Honduras Street and Peru Street, Barrio Plains of Dust, Neighborhood, Sta Lucia Tirajana (Las Palmas)

Yeremi was wearing :Pirate pants-khaki beige.Brick-red jersey with the letters "Skhuaban" orange.Trainers Nike "Total 90", white and gold. 

Yéremi wore spectacles , square blue frames with yellow sides.

Yéremi has a birthmark below the right side of his neck line

Anyone with any information please contact....

Central Operational Unit (OCU), through the following means:Email:uco-jeremivargas@guardiacivil.orgPhone: 900300062Phone: 915031300 (UCO Switchboard) and 915,031,339 (GroupCrimes Against Persons).Fax: 915031437 (UCO) and 915,031,488 (Group Against CrimePersons).The agents process the information received anonymously andsafer.

The Central Operational Unit (OCU) will manage all incoming calls and mails,  confidentiality and security protecting the anonymity of informants is assured at all times.