Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#McCann Case : Today David Cameron RAPED The Memory Of Dead Madeleine McCann.

Cameron, shit scared of what Rupert Murdoch might say at the Leveson Inquiry today created quite a storm didn't he ?...and we all fell for it, didn't we ? BBC's Panorama, the Government's mouthpiece obliged by airing their propaganda on the gruesome twosome to bury any Murdoch bad news this evening. ONLY problem Cameron misjudged Rupert Murdoch, again, apart from old Rupe calling Cameron's son retarded he did not mention hug a hoodie Dave at all. Murdoch has plans for Cameron's betrayal and they will come in his time and on his terms. Today, Jay asked Murdoch if he felt any animosity toward Cameron for requesting the Leveson Inquiry, Murdoch smiled politely and said 'No, of course not'. However, out of earshot when everyone broke for lunch Murdoch was heard to say to one of his advisers ' Lets get him to get this fucking thing over with today'

Murdoch is seething .

Cameron IS scared.

And today Andy Redwood exposed himself as a spineless idiot.

Apart from that nothing has changed.

Madeleine is still dead.

The McCanns are still involved in her disappearance.

FOOTNOTE: The last time the two Murdoch's spoke at the Leveson Inquiry, once again Cameron was afraid of what they might say, a piece of news was ready to bury 'bad news' and knock the Murdoch's off the front page if necessary. The inquest of the 7/7 London Bombings Press Release was published by the Government, it was not needed and went unreported by any news outlet.

Cameron once again misjudged Murdoch.

As for the McCanns they are useful to just call me Dave, he is aware of the nation's anger toward them and today he used them just the way they use Madeleine, their dead child, for media attention. Cameron is well aware of the parents involvement in Madeleines death, some may even recall the PR stunt he pulled on poor old'unstable' Gordon Brown as Rupert Murdoch called him today, blocking Gordy from the IMF position when the pretendy 'review' was born one year ago.

The McCanns may never get the justice they truly deserve but Cameron will, Rupert Murdoch will see to it .

Murdoch is back at Leveson tomorrow so expect more of the same.